Painful Neuromas



A Neuroma is a conglomerate of unregulated nerve fibres sprouting at the end of an injured nerve.

Neuromas commonly follow nerve injury (posttraumatic), often as a result of surgery (Iatrogenic). Neuromas, therefore, are typically localized in scars and may occur anywhere in the body, frequently following finger amputations, surgery of the knee, Inguinal Hernia or Caesarean Section.

Neuroma pain is very localized and can be elicited by tapping on the injured nerve. This is a positive Tinel’s sign, giving a sensation of tingling or “pins and needles” in the distribution of the nerve.


Often, patients with painful neuromas are referred to pain clinics. The most effective way to get rid of the pain, however, is surgical exploration and burying the neuroma deep in soft tissue or bone, where it cannot cause further problems.

The consultants at Plastic Surgery Associates specialize in this kind of surgery.